Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sleepless in Singapore

I think I am suffering from insomnia. I find it difficult to sleep at night. The matter of fact is that I am not tired at all at night. Well, it just feels like my brain is still working on overdrive and I can't seem to calm myself down to sleep.

Sleeping late at night started as a habit that began in national service days and was further cemented during my university days. During those days, sleeping at 3am or 4am or sometimes even 6am at night/morning was common. This must be the reason why I am having sleep problems now.

Or perhaps, a better explanation is that, I am simply a "night" person. I am a walking zombie during the day and at night, I "wake" up. Too bad everyone is sleeping when I am awake.

Well... there is really little that one can do at night. Other than surf the net and catch up on soccer, it is really dull and boring. I sometimes wish I could inject some excitement in my life.

That is perhaps how I manage to start my blogs too. Blogging at night has a calming effect on me. It allows me to make my peace with the day that has just gone by.

Oh well, the street lights are on and I can see them from my window. Trickles of traffic still around. 3 glasses of wine hasn't made me sleepy enough to lie in bed.


  1. Sounds like you need some exercise! Too much excess energy pent up in your brain.

  2. Ha..Thanks for the advice..been sometime since I did a workout.

  3. I also face the same problem! My brain suddenly gets active from 11pm onwards, even though I had been working in the day.. then I couldn't get to sleep until 2-3 am, sometimes near to 4...

    Would it be advisable to seek the doctor's help?


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