Friday, July 16, 2010

Independent Financial Advisers?

I read in the Straits Times the letter to the forum by Larry Haverkamp titled : "Onus on insurers to boost transparency".

In it, he referred to another recent article which mentioned that financial advisers should not call themselves "independent" if an insurance company pays them a bonus for hitting sales targets. Mr Haverkamp goes on to suggest that dropping the term "independent" is a good idea but might not be a big deal as advisers will still continue to push the products that pay them the most.

MAS actually has guidelines on whether a financial adviser is "independent". And at times, it can be pretty grey as certain product providers do provide incentives that might make them bias in favour of a particular investment product.

Haverkamp is also correct to point out that playing with the word "independent" is actually just a small step forward. The ideal reform would be to empower consumers and let them make decisions based on a complete knowledge of the various products namely:

1. DIY method (Buy Term Invest the Rest)
2. ILP
3. Endowment
4. Whole Life Plans

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  1. Independent financial advisors will take all the decisions based on the goals. These advisors will decide when, where and how to build a practice and give proper information of financial planning.


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