Thursday, September 23, 2010

Girl Made to Sign Pre-Nup Agreement

Apparently, some girl was about to get married when her in-laws and husband-to-be sat her down and wanted her to sign a pre-nup. They also wanted the marriage registered in the US so that the pre-nup will be enforceable as pre-nups are not recognised for marriages registered in Singapore.

The forum thread is attached below:

Read this :

Do you think pre-nups are necessary? Is it wrong for the rich to try to protect their assets?


  1. When you become too rich, you don't know who are your true friends and even future spouse.

  2. i think what's more scary is the comments by the forummers, demeaning the singaporean women as a whole and the women's charter. yes, there are women who are powerful and the breadwinner yet "take advantage" of the women's charter upon divorce. but there are even more who have to face discrimination in the workplace for being a woman and the high potential of taking maternity leave, women who no longer work to be a full time house wife and rely on their husbands for money, or women who are expected to work to increase the household income and still wear themselves thin to take care of their children, take care of their parents, take care of their in-laws. it's tough being a woman in singapore too, education too high, some men and their parents feel threatened, education too low, some men and their parents feel that the wife is not "presentable" ... i just feel very sad and troubled at the comments, i wonder if most of the men in singapore are like that or is it just a certain group of men who are prominent voices in the forum.


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