Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hidden Gems in Singapore

Finding a gem is like finding a precious stone or digging for gold. When I was younger, I was always mesmerized by the fact that gold came from the ground and that people literally just dug them out. I always dreamed that some day, I would come upon a field unknown to anybody and where the gold and diamonds were all mine to find. I guess the reason why I imagined of such stuff was the mysterious way in which people actually valued these precious stones. These were literally stones that are actually worth nothing but can be sold for such a fortune. There is always these mysterious charm about finding a pot of gold or finding some hidden gems.

As I grew older, I realize that this dream of mine will probably not be fulfilled. After all, Singapore has hardly any natural resources and it will be impossible for me to dig things up without actually owning the land. Nevertheless, the idea of being an archaeologist did strike me once or twice before I signed up for university.

Today, gem finding for me means a whole new thing. It means looking for that place of inner solitude, a place of rest, a place where I can just be by myself and marvel at the things that go by. A place where I find peace and lay my burdens far far away. These places are the hidden gems in Singapore. I retreat to these places by myself to find the solitude that I desire. They are public places where I enjoy my privacy. They are the hidden gems in Singapore. Places where I can look at nature and admire them for their beauty. Places where I feel at rest and at peace. Places where I can just recollect my thoughts and be with myself.

I am glad to have found one of those places. It is a quiet little cafe where I can recollect my thoughts. It is a nice place where I can read my newspaper.

These are my hidden gems. And I will never share them with anyone.


  1. Hi FF,

    You know what? Like you, I also try to find them and if I do, treasure these places very much. These are the places I retreat to before, in the midst of, or after a day at work on the laptop. It's my sanctuary, it's where I find peace and think through life and the vast meaning behind.

    Hehe, sad to hear that you will be keeping your gems to yourself but hey, I wasn't prepared to share mine as well.. :-P

    Have fun and enjoy your gems..


  2. Hi Mister G,

    I can totally relate to what you just said. This are the places I withdraw to when I need that space for myself.

    I guess as an introvert, I find rest from being alone rather than being in the company of others. I only find rest when I am in the company of very good friends. Other times, I find it sort of stressful being with people that I am not really familiar with.


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