Tuesday, November 16, 2010

$10 Donation Contest - Pick Your Favorite Charity

Many months back, I had a free $50 giveaway contest where I gave away $50 to the 50th person who commented on a post. You can find the free $50 contest here.

I decided to start a donation contest today.

The thing is that you won't be winning a single dollar. Rather, it will be the charity of your choice that wins the money.

Just drop a short comment on this post and let me know which charity is worth giving and why you personally think so. I will pick the best comment and donate the $10 to that charity. Of course, I will not be able to proof that I did so but you can just trust me =)

Or you can ask MusicWhiz who won the $50 contest to testify that I really gave him $50 the last time I held such a contest.

So simple rules. Just comment on this post the charity of your choice and why you think that charity deserves the money. Who knows, I might even consider giving to that charity on a more regular basis. And some of the readers of this blog might do so too =)

Let's start the ball rolling!


  1. I'm a tutor, so I vote for Straits Times Pocket Money Fund!

    Education is the most important investment in our young!

  2. The Community Chest! Its an umbrella body for numerous charity organisations, so your donation can benefit a lot of needy people with different needs!

  3. Quote:
    "An orphan's curse would drag to hell".

    To be living in this world as an orphan is one of the most unfortunate and pathetic state a human can be.
    An orphan is one who has practically nothing in this world - No love, no "freedom", no....endless "noes".
    Everything that he has is from the charity of another human being.

    Please donate to an orphanage.
    It is even better if you can donate "yourself" to an orphanage.

  4. Just to confirm that I really did receive the S$50 from FF during the last contest. Thanks!

    I choose Club Rainbow, please.

  5. Thanks all for the suggestions.

    I could not decide between Club Rainbow and the Straits Times Pocket Money fund so I decided to donate $10 to both of them.

    The contest is now closed. Thanks for your participation!


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