Saturday, November 13, 2010

Does Donate Button Work?

Does putting a DONATE button on the blog help? I cannot help but notice that many people have placed donate buttons on their blog to ask readers to support them in their blogging efforts. In fact, some bloggers say that they have actually managed to get donations from certain generous readers.

I thought it would be pretty cool to try it out so I have just placed a donate button on the top right of this blog.

Hopefully some generous soul will donate to me some money to buy me a cup of coffee?

Wonder whether anyone else out there has tried putting a donate button before and whether anyone did donate any money?

Perhaps I will wait for one month and report my findings. Stay tuned!


  1. Why would you ask me to give you a fish? You should be asking me to teach you how to fish? LOL

  2. Hahaha. I thought that someone might be generous with his stock market winnings =)

    Spare the poor guy some cash to buy him a cup of coffee so that he has enough energy to blog.

  3. Someone donated US$100 to me before. :)

  4. Wow! He must have earned some money based on your advice. Good for you!

  5. Why not you be the one fishing money from the stock market and buy yourself kopi-O?

  6. Of course. But if I can extra money from a donate button, why not? =)

    Who knows? Mr Peter Lim might drop by and send me a big ang bao =)

  7. Hi FF,

    How did you do that? by placing the "Donate" button?

  8. Hi,

    Placing the donate button is quite simple. Just google it...

    But think it is quite far nobody has even donated to me to buy me a cup of coffee =(

    And the button has been up for 1 year already..


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