Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bought a 100 year old book from EBay

Every now and then, I buy a few things off Ebay. It is an easy way to shop. I sit at home, browse through the various items and just buy anything that I fancy.

Lately, I decided to buy an antique book using some of the earnings I got from my online ads. I stumbled upon this old book with a title that I fancied. Coolest thing is that it is one year shy from being hundred years old! Just holding this book in my hands feels like I am holding a piece of history. The book is most probably out of print too.

This is what I have been busying myself with the past few weeks. And I am enjoying this new hobby of mine. So I do apologize if I have not been posting often enough. But life is really a lot more interesting when you have a hobby you enjoy doing. It breaks the monotony of work.

Guess what? I am going onto right now to see if there are other things worth buying!

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  1. Hi FF,

    I'm very interested in your 100 yr old book. May I know what's the title and maybe you can put up a pic of it? Like you, I'm very interested in the 'oldness' of holding a very ancient book. I wondered about the people who had it before me, what are the thoughts they are thinking, whether they have put any underlines or highlights on the passage that they found it interesting and why....

    Pls post a pic for my sake :)


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