Saturday, February 5, 2011

Writer's Block

I finally had it. Writer's block. I cannot find the words to describe how I am feeling. I don't really know what to write about too. It is the worst thing to happen to a blogger. After the new year, I just felt kind of lazy and stopped blogging for a while. Days turned into weeks and I soon realised that I was hardly logging on with the frequency and fervor that I used to have.

I also do not seem to have any topic in mind to write about. There are lots of topics out there to talk about but does it really matter if I write about it or not? After all, there are people out there who can probably do a much better job than me dissecting the latest piece of market news, hot stocks to buy, and so on....

It does not mean that I will stop blogging. It only means that I am taking a break and hopefully I will come back with soon.

I enjoyed the conversations and comments on this blog but sometimes, it just feels like I am talking to the air and I really feel that I could better spend my time with family or even just do some of the things that I enjoy doing. Why blog? After a while, this blog will die eventually. But there are more important things in life than blogging. And I can put my time to better use in other avenues.

I have also been feeling a little down and lost lately and that has some what affected my mood to write. Oh well, I will be back. Maybe after Chinese New Year.

Wishing all readers a Happy Chinese New Year!!


  1. You must seriously and honestly ask yourself why do you want to carry on blogging? Is this purpose-driven at least for now and the near future? Or like anything else in life and even for your favourite hobby now may eventually die off.

  2. Hi FF,

    Everyone has it now and then, especially since your 'honeymoon' period is over. I find the following helpful in getting inspiration to write:

    a. Do something new - walk a different path, eat a different cuisine, take a different bus, talk to different people

    b. Read books - it'll generate a few ideas about things that you can start blogging about

    c. Have more free time. When you are free, you can do some self reflection that might generate some leads.

    It's actually okay not to blog all the time. Do it when you free like it. No pressures, you know?

  3. Totally agree with Createwealth and papillion. What is important is to do what you enjoy. I enjoy reading for the time being and will also stop when I don't have the luxury of leisure time to pursue it.


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