Friday, May 27, 2011

Balding Help

Help, I am balding! Over the years, I have noticed that my hairline has been slowly receding. At first, I thought that my eyes were most probably deceiving me and that I was just being over sensitive. But slowly but surely, I started to notice a bit of baldness on my head. In fact, it is so bad that I am no longer able to comb my hair the way that I used to.

Well, if you see me, you will probably think that I am joking when I say that I am balding. Because I still have quite a bit of hair on my head. But that is probably because of the way that I style my hair nowadays. It sorts of cover the parts that are balding. But the truth is that my hair is thinning at the top and it has made it extremely difficult to comb my hair. I am not sure what style to use anymore. In fact, I have sort of resigned to the fact that I no longer look as good as before.

Balding used to be a problem that was so far away from my mind. After all, I have always been blessed with lots of hair. And I used to laugh at hair commercials. Now I know why there are so many such hair commercials around! Because men are seriously affected when it comes to balding. Not a day goes by without me looking at the mirror and wondering whether there is something that I can do to stop the balding.

If anybody knows any cure for balding, I need help! Don't want to eat any of those pills though.


  1. You should consider those advertisement that helps with balding hair. They are there to help guys with hair problem ...
    Otherwise.. just let it bald... Imagine those soccer player and basketball player with bald hair .. could be a style :)

  2. Hi FF,

    A few suggestions. Make an appointment with a doc in the National Skin Centre. They will do a blood test and some other test to confirm that your body is healthy. Although they will usually recommend the same medicine, they will also recommend u a shampoo, serum etc.

    I can't emphasize how much the right shampoo helps. I have been dropping a lot of hair after each shampoo and it took two hair dresses to tell me that I have oily scalp before I switch to a shampoo for oily scalp.

  3. If you have male pattern baldness, it is because of an enzyme problem in your scalp that is inherited.

    Your male hormones is converted in the scalp that makes you lose hair.

    You need to take an enzyme inhibitor such as finasteride.

    Quite safe, except may be a smaller volume of ejaculate.

    See your doctor ASAP, once hair is lost, taking the medicine will not make it comeback.

    Also, you will need to take this medicine till you decide it is ok to be bald. Ask your wife or girlfriend if they are ok with you being bald.

  4. I have no good solution for baldness (is there really a medical cure for it?), but I do have a suggestion to avoid the constant looking into mirror and angst:


    Instead of delaying the process, I quicken it by starting to shave my head bald when I discovered I have a receding hairline at age 35.

    I looked a lot cooler (I shameless!) and standout better in a crowd (narcisstic me!)

    It's all in the mind - if I feel good; I look good.

    Of course it's biased feedback from personal experience.

  5. If you are otherwise healthy, you can consider getting minoxidil scalp lotion from the pharmacy... which is clinically proven to help induce hair growth.

  6. I know that people take medicine. Finasteride or what is also termed propecia is commonly taken

  7. If you are losing hair due to "inheritance", let it be. In the the beginning, it's hard to take it. You will spend a "small fortune" trying to fight it. If you are successful, congratulation.
    Really, i think people who are in the show business have no choice but by crook or by hook they must have their hairs "restored."
    Me, of course i gave up after spending a "very small fortune."
    Anyway, there is a Chinese saying:-
    "Ten bald heads, nine of them prosperous".
    Ha! Ha! At least we have some consolations prize to look forward to.
    Do you want to be prosperous?
    Let it be, if it is natural.

  8. you can google 'propecia' it is the only thing that can work for balding. You can get it from any GP in singapore. a month's supply costs around $100. downside is you have to eat it for life

  9. I heard that propecia has side effects...


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