Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Much To Get Married

A common topic amongst my single friends is the amount of money that they require to get married. Many of them lament that it will cost them a bomb to get married. Big ticket items include paying for the house (cash over valuation), renovation, holding a wedding lunch/dinner @ a hotel, buying the engagement ring and of course other miscellaneous expenses. Some of them reckon that they need as much as $50k and above to get married in Singapore!

Surely there must be a cheaper way to get married in Singapore and still enjoy the perks of all the above. Let's do a rough breakdown of the expenses and perhaps in my next few posts, I can touch on how one might save up on each of the big ticket items.

As mentioned above, the big ticket items are as follows and estimated costs are also shown:
  1. Buying a HDB flat (Cash over valuation) = $20-$50k (Rest is usually paid by CPF)
  2. Renovation = $20 to $40K
  3. Wedding dinner/lunch = $20k to $30k (depends on hotel and no. of tables)
  4. Engagement ring = $1k to $10k (depends on the depth of the guy's wallet)
  5. Photography + Wedding gown/suit = $1k to $5k
  6. Miscellaneous lunches, hongbaos = $1k to $2k
  7. Honeymoon = $500 to $10k (depending on where and when you travel)
Anything else to add to the list?


  1. It costs little to get married, just pay a small xx dollars to ROM to get certified. If you're talking about celebrating your wedding, then the above applies. I think while it's important to celebrate your wedding, it's more important to realize that wedding is essentially a one day affair but marriage....marriage is meant to last forever.

  2. U miss out the ang pow at dinner
    agree with papillion, it only gets as expensive as you want it to be

  3. Excellent comment by la papillion. This is not cost of marriage but cost for the celebrations. For some people 500 is sufficient, and for some 500K insufficient. This is true in any part of the world.

  4. Over 50 life insurance can be arranged at low prices with guaranteed acceptance and no medical examination required. This type of Life insurance over 50 for over 50 years is ideal to ensure that dependents can pay funeral expenses or the final closing. Since there is no doctor, no matter what condition you are you are always guaranteed to be accepted.

  5. Indeed. How much one spends really depends on how you want to "celebrate" your wedding. However, I am trying to be realistic and look at how Chinese usually celebrate our weddings. It is hard to ignore the demands of parents (or older generation) sometimes. They will minimally want a dinner to celebrate!


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