Wednesday, January 11, 2012

210,000 Pageviews and Counting

Well, they say the first 200,000 is the easiest part (or at least I made that up).  But anyway, after a roller coaster ride through the year, I checked my stats recently to discover that this blog has garnered over 200,000 pageviews.  It is 210,000 today and I can only say that it is exciting to know that people are coming back for more.  At least, it is a sort of comfort, that somebody is actually reading what I am writing.

I will like to thank all readers for their continuous support.  This is also to readers who hail from outside Singapore like the United States, Malaysia, Slovenia, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Japan, Phillipines, India, etc..  Perhaps you just stumbled upon this blog but I do hope that you find something useful that you can takeaway with you.  Feel free to drop a comment and say "hi" too!

1 comment:

  1. How did you achieved such amount of pageviews? How many visitors that pageviews could possibly generate?


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