Sunday, January 29, 2012

First REIT and Ascott REIT Declare Dividends

First REIT just declared distribution/dividends of 1.93 cents per share.  A quick look at First REIT's dividend history gives me some sort of confidence to enter this REIT again.  I had previously sold off my entire shareholdings in it but have recently entered into it again buying 10 lots of it recently.  Since the distribution is paid quarterly, it looks like I will be receiving a small bonus every 3 months.  Not too bad for some passive income.  Based on my 10,000 shares, I figure that I will be receiving around $193 for Feb 2012.

Ascott REIT had also declared their semi annual dividends of slightly over 4 cents per share.  I currently hold 15 lots in Ascott REIT so that should also provide me with a neat sum of around $600 for Feb 2012.

I am also still waiting for my dividends from Gamco Global Gold Trust (GGN).  This is a monthly dividend stock and though the dividend is paid on 24 Jan, I figure that I will only receive the cheque in late Jan or early Feb.

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