Monday, January 30, 2012

Saving for Retirement at 30

It’s starting to become the dream of more and more people, to be able to retire just after you leave your 20’s. So saving for retirement at 30 is sort of the new thing, the thing that many young professionals strive for  and something that can be in the back of people’s mind when they choose their occupation. The better job, the more money, and the earlier they can retire.

In a fluctuating world economy you have to take several things in to consideration if you’re seriously thinking about going in to retirement when you’re in your early 30’s. First of all, you need to look at how much money you can make in a month and in a year from your occupation. After that, the amount you can spare for an investment portfolio.

Let’s face it, unless you get a job that pays 8-10 thousand US Dollars every month you won’t have enough to get by for the next 50 years when you turn 30. So the best way of increasing your money if you have a steady job is by getting an investment portfolio. Invest your money in stocks, bare bonds, commodities, oil, gold and silver, and currency to get the best rate of return on your money.

Saving up for retirement at 30 with the help of an investment portfolio isn’t the easiest thing if you haven’t got
an idea how these things work. Then what you can do is get an investment adviser that can give you the best advice on where to invest your money for the best return.

We said previously that the money has to last for 50 years, and that’s true. The average life of a human is around 80 years, so if you’re looking at retiring at 30 you have to save up enough money for the coming 50 years. Now during your 20’s it is all about building your capital, that means a higher risk on your investments and putting more money in to markets that can have a large pay off.

When you decide to retire you will be thinking about keeping your capital, so making safe investments where you  will have a much lower pay off rate but much more stability.

The next thing to do is to choose where you’d like to retire to. The most common and cheapest places would be the Philippines, Thailand and even Singapore. South East Asia is becoming a more and more popular destination for Asians looking to retire early. Find out basic costs such as, average rent per month, health care, food, transportation and all the other things that you will spend money on in a month. When you find a reasonable estimate of what you need to get on well every month it’s time to start doing a bit of math.

Take your average monthly spending and multiply by 12. That’ll give you your annual spending. Take your annual  spending and multiply with 50 and you get an estimate of what you’ll need to get by for the next 50 years. So  for example in Thailand you might need 50 000 Baths per month, 600 000 Bath in one year and 30 000 000 Bath for the next 50 years. A way to save on your monthly cost is to purchase a house or apartment when you move over but that would mean you’d have to increase what you need before you actually move.

[This article is a guest post by a writer in Philippines.  Read more about retirement planning]

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