Monday, January 23, 2012

What Should I Do With My Ang Baos?

Recently, I asked readers for their views on what should I do with my annual bonus.  This was really triggered by reading the newspapers and learning that most Singaporeans actually intend to spend their annual bonuses instead of saving it.

Since the Lunar New Year is upon us, I am sure many readers are still in the privileged group (i.e. unmarried) and are still entitled to collect red packets (or what we commonly call as Ang Baos in Mandarin).  Again, I post the same question:  What will you do with the money in your red packet?  

Or for those of you who are no longer entitled to collect red packets, what do you wish that the receivers of your red packets will use the money for?

At the same time, I will like to wish all readers a Happy Lunar New Year!


  1. I will save my red packet for my baby.

    Huat ah!

  2. Well said =)

    Saving for the future generations.


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