Monday, February 27, 2012

Dividends from Ascott REIT and Gamco Global

Received dividends of $609.45 from Ascott REIT and $31.59 from Gamco Global Gold & Natural Resources Trust.  Not bad for the month of February.

Will probably be looking at reinvesting the dividends into some other REIT.  There are quite a few REITs and I am thinking of diversifying across the various sectors (e.g. industrial, commercial, residential, hospitals, hospitality , etc).

Will probably need to give it further thought.


  1. You can also consider other assets class like business trust and infrastructure funds, which also focus on distributing regular dividends from providing essential services.

    Such as Cityspring Infrastructure Trust (CIT), Macquarie Int'l Infrastructure Fund (MIIF) and China Merchant Hldg Pacific (CM Pacific).

    CIT's quarterly DPU is about 0.82ct.

    MIIF half-yearly DPU is about 2.75ct.

    CM Pacific also pays half-yearly, about 2.5-3ct. Company has indicated recently they wish to pay at least 5.5ct annually for the next 2 years.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the useful info. Yes, I am indeed looking at other kinds of assets. Have not heard of CM Pacific before though. Will go read up on it.


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