Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fortune REIT

Bought Fortune REIT some days back.  Cannot remember when.  First time I have entered into this .  I like the brand name behind the REIT that's all.  The exposure to retail malls in Hong Kong was also a factor.  Just wanted to diversify out of my Ascott REIT, First REIT, etc holdings that I have.  Well, Li Ka Shing owns Cheung Kong which listed Fortune REIT.  So that is a plus point for just owning a small investment in Fortune REIT.

Also collected my first cheque for Gamco Global Gold Trust.  After deducting withholding tax and stuff, I only pocketed slightly over S$30.  Bleah..


  1. Hi FF

    How much dividend yields does Fortune Reit give at current price?

    *I've just bought into FCT also today ^^

  2. Fortune REIT dividend yield should be around 6-7%. I was looking at FCT too but I think I might chose CMT rather than FCT


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