Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dividends and Passive Income for April 2012

Dividends and passive income for April 2012 was close to $600.  This was contributed mainly from selling off my Pacific Andes rights and collecting the dividends that were also paid out by Pacific Andes.  Pacific Andes is a stock that I have been holding for some time now but I just did not feel comfortable taking a bigger position so I did not subscribe to the rights issue.

The rest of the money actually comes from the monthly dividends that I receive from Gamco Global Gold and Natural Resources Trust (previously called Gabelli but now re-named as Gamco).  GGN (the stock ticker symbol) provides me with $30+ dollars per month.  That is after the 30% withholding tax deduction which is quite huge if you ask me.

Nevertheless, I am satisfied with April 2012's dividends and passive income received. May 2012 should also be a good month for me.

[17 May 2012 Update:  Actual dividends for April was actually above $700.  Realised that I underestimated the dividends and sale of rights arising from Pac Andes]

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