Monday, June 25, 2012

Harvard Classics - Herodotus and Book of Job

I must have done at least 6 hours of pure reading yesterday.  And I sure covered a lot of ground though some of my reading was outside the "canon" of the Harvard Classics.  I spent most of time reading the Book of Job though I spent a greater part of the time wondering why this had been placed under the History of Civilizations section since the Book of Job was clearly a book that discusses about suffering (or in particular, why do good people suffer).  I guess it was helpful to see what the wisdom was about why suffering occurs and how some times, human wisdom has its limitations.

Reading Herodotus' Histories is tiring.  In the harvard classics, it is his second book that is inside and it gives an account of Egypt.  Or should I say ancient Egypt.  As much as I love history, the way it is told is actually a bit too detailed for my liking.

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