Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Investing in Silver

Silver is a metal that has been known and used since the beginning of the civilization. Its use increased remarkably for the past 200 years in various fields that had contributed to the development of our society. The reason for its vast use is because it is the best conductor of electricity and heat, smooth reflector of light and has various health benefits. Silver is an important industrial material combined with both strength and softness and the ability to get stretched. It is wear resistant, has a high tensile strength, reflects light and reduces friction. It has great unique properties.

This strategic metal has infinite uses. The silver alloys are used to manufacture the disposable and rechargeable batteries. More than millions of silver zinc oxide batteries are manufactured worldwide annually, that include very small batteries for cameras, watches and other electronic devices. The high purity silver for electroplating steel bearings have great load carrying strength and capacity for heavy duty work. The bearings coated with silver provide great durability and safety in jet engines. The use of silver solders helps to join materials and makes leak tight, smooth and corrosion free joints. The silver alloys are used in refrigeration, air conditioners, power distribution, aerospace and automobiles. Silver membrane switches are used in most keyboards of laptop and desktop computers. Due to their durability and wide use, the market of silver-contact membrane switch is a multi billion industry in America.

The Silver demand hit about 880 million ounces last year, and the worldwide mining production contributed only 670 million ounces creating a deficit of 210 million ounce. A lot of people are unaware that the silver is the most used commodity in industry after oil. One of the best investments at this point of time is Silver. If you are looking for a profitable investment then you might want to consider investing in Silver.

If you are thinking of investing in silver, then the Silver bullion produced in America is a good option with the American Silver Eagle of one ounce. This coin is known all around the world and traded in various countries. They can be bought in a combination of 20 stacks or in a Monster box of 500 pieces. The second option will be 100% silver bars that are made in various sizes, designs and weights ranging from  bars of 1 ounce, 5 ounce and 10 ounce. The two popular silver refiners producing bars in different sizes are Johnson-Matthey and Englehard.

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[This article is a guest post.  Investors should carry out their due diligence prior to making any investment decisions]

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