Friday, January 25, 2013

Jeffrey Gundach's Picks and Outlook

Jeffrey Gundlach is co-founder of DoubleLine Capital LP and also its chief executive.  He correctly predicted the subprime mortgage disaster and is one of the world's leading bond fund manager.  In fact, he is sitting on cash because he sees bleak times ahead.  He is favoring protection over growth in the next 1-2 years.  He believes the opportunity for sitting on cash is much larger than if you were to be invested for growth now.

Regarding the European Union, he sees a possible break-up and does not think that the Euro is going to work.  The question boils down to Germany being able to forgo the gains that it had obtained from the single currency.

He recommends buying hard assets like gemstones, art, commercial real estate.  DoubleLine has also been buying the stocks of Chinese companies, U.S. natural gas producers and gold-mining firms.  It is funny that he is now into equities given that he operates bond funds.

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