Thursday, January 24, 2013

Liquidated Ascott REIT, Sabana REIT and Cross Timbers Royalty Trust

Liquidated my entire holdings in Ascott REIT, Sabana REIT and Cross Timbers Royalty Trust since they have all appreciated. Most of them were sold for a profit though I have held on to some for a few years while others were just bought recently.
  • Ascott REIT sold 15 lots at $1.415
  • Sabana REIT sold 2 lots at $1.18
  • Cross TImbers Royalty Trust sold 100 shares at US$30.789 
My sense is that the REIT market in Singapore is already fairly valued and there are perhaps little opportunities for further increase.  I could be wrong but thought it will be better to sit on some cash and await further opportunities.


  1. you may be wrong because this is a bull cycle

  2. Might be true it is a bull run. But I think that Ascott REIT is fairly valued. Anyway, the price usually runs up before distributions are announced so I sold to lock in some profits. Not saying that I will stay away from it. If the price is right, I might enter into Ascott REIT again.

    Anyway, here is the updated news for Ascott REIT's distribtuions:

    Ascott Residence Trust reports a nine per cent increase in distribution per unit (DPU) to two cents for Q4 2012, compared to the previous year.

    For the full year, DPU is 8.76 cents, representing a 6.4 per cent yield.

    Unit-holders distribution for the fourth quarter also increased 10 per cent to nearly S$23 million compared to a year ago.


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