Monday, February 11, 2013

Nam Cheong - Poised to Breakout?

Have been liquidating many of my stocks and entered into short term trading positions. Nam Cheong is one of those stocks that I entered into. I have a target price of 30 cents for this stock.

From a TA point of view,  the stock also looks like it can move higher. Nam Cheong last closed at 25 cents..  Its IPO price was 21 cents.

Nam Cheong has seen its orders rising and prides itself as the leading builder in Malaysia of OSVs.

Chart forNam Cheong (N4E.SI)


  1. FA is good for nam cheong, record order in fy2012
    however price got beaten down after share placement
    result coming out end of month. we shall see some uptrend soon and hopefully a breakout to tp3.0 as most of house call

  2. Yup, I am into Nam Cheong now. But still waiting for it to rise.


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