Friday, July 26, 2013

Marina Bay Sands Wedding

Marina Bay Sands is huge.  Especially their convention centre where all the ballrooms are located.  It is no wonder that many people have been having their weddings at Marina Bay Sands.  Well, it seems that based on their wedding package, there are various options for a Chinese wedding banquet.  The prices don't come cheap though and start from $1088+ per table to $1388+ per table (depending on the choice of dishes).

So if you are attending a wedding dinner there, you know the "market rate" to give.  Simply divide the price by 10 and don't forget that the price does not include service charge and GST.

In terms of location, I think Marina Bay Sands is great.  Ample parking spaces and also easily accessible by MRT. Complimentary parking tickets are usually given out.

The view is also stunning though it is not observable from the ballrooms itself. One will have to walk out to see the view.  Furthermore, people can sneak out for a short break or even to go shopping if they want to!

Food-wise, I will rate it as above average.  The food is good but I won't say that it is spectacular or anything.  It is of a reasonable standards.

The service is average or even below average.  Nowadays, it is really difficult to find good service in Singapore.

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  1. Latest price per pax based on Straits Times is that one must pay $162 per pax for the couple to breakeven for a wedding dinner at marina bay sands


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