Thursday, December 12, 2013

Krisflyer American Express Credit Card

Recently applied for the Krisflyer Ascend American Express credit card.  The main reason I signed up for it was because of the additional 5,000 bonus Krisflyer miles that first time applicants would enjoy. It is given when one makes a first charge to the card.

In addition, one gets to enjoy bonus krisflyer miles in the first 3 months of usage.  Of course, one thing to note is that the annual fee is waived for the first year.  It is $256.80.  The first two supplementary card fees are also waived.

The earn rate is 1 Krisflyer mile for every S$1.20 spent.  It is not a lot.  But the bonus miles do help.

Anyone cares to share the best way to earn Krisflyer points or airmiles?

Disclaimer:  Credit cards are meant to be used responsibly.  This article serves as a sharing piece. The reader is advised to check up on the relevant facts and figures for themselves. 


  1. premiermiles card. almost every airline included for redemption.
    but inflation of mileage conversion decreases value of air miles in recent years.
    you have to spend quite a bit to make use of it.
    if you don't, stick to your dividend cards.


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