Sunday, June 14, 2015

Migrate to New Zealand - Calling Singaporeans

Has anybody seen the latest about migrating to New Zealand?

Been seeing it on many people's facebook posts and it seems to be going quite viral.

Apparently, the New Zealand government is beckoning for Singaporeans to move or migrate to New Zealand for work.

I am sure many people will find this an interesting proposition since many Singaporeans I know of do like the nature and greenery that is available in New Zealand.

I like New Zealand too.

Scenic view of Martinborough
Arriving at Martinborough

Ever since the global financial crisis, the job market has been picking up. Skills required include those in medicine, engineering and IT. Of course, there are other generalist skills that New Zealand is looking for too.


  1. Not everyone can stand the Cold. Right?

  2. That's true. But I guess for those, you can just wear thicker clothes :)

  3. Hi FF

    I certainly dont mind trying to work there a couple of years.

    I heard the min wage is very high over there. Pick kiwi can fetch you around $30/ hour... not sure if its true.

  4. Hi B,

    The minimum wage at new zealand is $14.25 per hour. When you say pick kiwi, you mean like taxi driver? Not sure how much taxi drivers earn but should be sufficient.

  5. Hi FF

    Thanks for confirming.

    Pick kiwi i mean is really the guy who works by picking those kiwi fruits on the garden.

    There's a program where you work part time picking kiwis and get accommodation, travel and food in return for free.

  6. Hi B,

    Argh... I should have figured that was what you meant. No idea why my brain linked it to being a taxi driver in New Zealand. I guess it is because that some of the taxi drivers I met in New Zealand were immigrants and did not seem local.


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