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Singapore Civil Service Pay Scale

Trying to compile the salary pay scale for the Singapore civil service.  Somehow, I only managed to find the figures for 2011.  There are probably updated figures for 2015 so I will post it in due time.  Do bookmark this post. Or if anyone has the latest figures, do drop a comment and let me know.

These are the figures for 2011 Civil Service Salary Range

Job grade: MX9 (Superscale)
Job title: Deputy Director, Director
Pay scale: S$10,580 – S$14,550 / S$14,551 – S$16,540

Job grade: MX10
Job title: Assistant Director, Deputy Director
Pay scale: S$6,350 – S$9,050 / S$9,051 – S$10,400

Job grade: MX11
Job title: Manager, Assistant Director
Pay scale: S$4,100 – S$6,160 / S$6,161 – S$7,190

Job grade: MX12
Job title: Assistant Manager, Manager
Pay scale: S$2,550 – S$5,130

Job grade: MX13
Job title: Management Executive
Pay scale: up to S$2,800 for fresh graduates

The salary ranges indicate the basic monthly wages that a civil servant may earn, and the figures exclude the potential value of civil service bonuses. Based on past newspaper reports, bonuses for an average civil servant could range from more than 2 months to 4 months inclusive of AWS (annual wage supplement), depending on the performance of the economy and individual performance.

In 2012, there was a pay revision of around 10% for MX12 and MX13, and 5% for MX10 and MX11.

In August 2014, it was announced that most civil servants would get a pay raise of around 5%.

In 2015 (Singapore's jubilee year), civil servants also received a once off SG50 bonus of $500.

Mid-Year Bonus as announced by PSD
2016 - 0.45 months
2015 - 0.5 months
2014 - 0.5 months

Career Progression (non-scholars)
Promotion is based on both performance as well as potential. During every annual appraisal, supervisors would grade their employees based on both performance as well as potential. Word on the street is that performance ranking is according to certain bands and one would usually need two "Bs" to get promoted.  Performance grade also determines the performance bonus one gets.  A higher performance grade gives you a higher performance bonus.

A fresh graduate usually enters in at MX13 pay scale.

Promotion from a MX13 to MX12 is usually after one year of service. A typical officer can then be expected to be promoted to MX11 after two years (though some might take a little longer).

There are usually no managerial responsibilities for a MX11 officer. Promotion to MX10 is slightly more difficult and is dependent on performance as well as potential.  A MX10 officer will usually have managerial responsibilities.

Most non-scholar civil servants can expect to end their careers at the MX10 or even MX9 pay scale.

Video below by Lim Swee Say on why Civil Servants need not be ashamed of drawing a high salary:



  1. Pay grade: MX9 (Superscale)
    Job title: Deputy Director, Director
    Salary scale: S$11,110 – S$15,280 / S$15,280 – S$17,370

    Pay grade: MX10
    Job title: Assistant Director, Deputy Director
    Salary scale: S$7,000 – S$9,980 / S$9,980 – S$11,470

    Pay grade: MX11
    Job title: Manager, Assistant Director
    Salary scale: S$4,740 – S$7,115 / S$7,115 – S$8,305

    Pay grade: MX12
    Job title: Assistant Manager, Manager
    Salary scale: S$2,945 – S$5,925

    Pay grade: MX13
    Job title: Management Executive
    Salary scale: up to S$3,000 for fresh graduates

  2. From MSF website:

    Entry Requirement
    University graduates with at least a pass degree.

    Starting Salary
    Fresh graduates will be appointed at Management Executive 13 with a gross monthly salary of S$2800 or above.

    Those who have completed full-time National Service or have relevant/useful working experience will be granted additional increments and be appointed at a higher salary point.

  3. There is now a MX11A grade inserted between MX11 and MX10. Anyone knows what is the salary range for that grade?

  4. CNB website:




    MX GRADE 13

    1st Class Honours


    2nd Upper Honours


    Other Honours


    Pass with Merit




  5. Civil servants will receive a half-month year-end bonus, with lower-wage civil servants receiving a minimum of S$900, the Public Service Division (PSD) said on Friday (Nov 25).

    Together with the 0.45-month mid-year bonus that was announced in July, civil servants will receive a full-year annual variable component (AVC) of 0.95 month in 2016.


    inRead invented by Teads

    The sum of this year's AVC is 0.2 month lower than last year’s full-year AVC of 1.15 months, with a minimum year-end payment of S$1,100. "The lower AVC is in line with the lower economic growth for 2016 compared with 2015," PSD said in a media statement.

  6. Nov 2017 -

    Civil servants to get year-end AVC of 1 month. Lower-wage civil servants to get minimum year-end AVC of $1,800. Together with the mid-year AVC of 0.5 month in July 2017, civil servants will receive a full-year AVC of 1.5 month in 2017.

  7. From Ministry of Finance website:

    We offer more than $3,000 to fresh university graduates with a good honours degree.

    Management Executive Scheme (MXS)
    Qualification: Degree and above
    Salary Range: $2,720 - $4,350

    Management Support Officer (MSO)
    Qualification: Diploma
    Salary Range: $1,780 - $2,450

  8. Against the backdrop of a weaker economic outlook, Singapore’s biggest employer, the civil service, will give its employees a mid-year annual variable component (AVC) of 0.45 month’s pay in July. This will be given out together with a lump-sum payment of S$200, the Public Service Division (PSD) said on Thursday (June 13).
    Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/civil-servants-get-mid-year-bonus-045-month-lower-last-two-years


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