Monday, September 21, 2009

Online Income From Adsense

The Beginning

My journey into the world of Adsense began when I started this blog. I wanted to explore ways of earning income online. That was about a year ago and I would not say that I am earning as much as some professional bloggers are. The amount that I am earning in Adsense income however has slowly and steadily increased over the year.

For a start, look at my first update on my adsense earnings here
I was earning less than $1 per month then but it was slowly increasing!

The Journey

I started to explore other methods of increasing my online income but so far, I have narrowed it down to Google's Adsense. Though I know the existence of other affiliate programs, my decision was to concentrate on increasing my income from Google's Adsense. I read up quite a fair bit and am glad to say that I can earn an average of $10 to $20 per month now based on Google's Adsense alone.

Just for the month of August 2009, I earned $14.75 while the earnings from Sep 2009 are likely to be slightly higher. The reason why I blog is mostly to sort out my thoughts but earning a passive income on the sideline does provide some added motivation. To konw that each and every post I make has the potential to earn me money in the future keeps me going and makes me disciplined in my postings.

The Goal

I started out with a simple goal of increasing my adsense earnings to $1 per day. Until today, I have not been able to achieve it. But I will keep on trying. Of course, my dream job will be to just stay at home and blog =)

Who knows? Perhaps that could be a possibility in the future!


  1. A good goal of trying to achieve a passive income of $1 a day.

    Maybe changing a template or added new features to your blog might help.

    I find that wordpress templates design are nicer though.

  2. Good Luck in your endeavor. Like you, Im also embarking on a journey to achieve a good income from adsense but like you im still a long way to go. As what andre said, A good goal is to achieve a passive income of $1/daily. who knows, as what my mentor told me, that $1/daily later on will become $100/daily. Pls also check my blogs at


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