Sunday, March 27, 2011

Full Time Bloggers Can Earn Up To $5000 Per Month

Just recently, I wrote about blogging and its misconceptions. Basically, I was commenting on the fact that many readers have misconceived ideas about who I am and what I do due to "historical" drips and draps of information that are scattered over this blog and which I have failed to update. Thanks for bearing with all the confusing information but sometimes it helps if readers just visit the most current posts to find out where I am in life. Of course, there are certain issues which I blogged about and failed to update all later. So it seems like I am still struggling with that issue but perhaps I have already gone way past that and did not see the point in blogging at all. For info, I have a full time job now and am quite happy with my life.

Anyway, it was interesting to read the news today to learn that more Singapore bloggers are going full-time. Nuffnang had indeed revealed that the top bloggers in Singapore can earn up to $5000 per month. Of course, that is quite a tidy sum of money and I am assuming that most of this income is derived from ad revenue. Of course, there must be other sources of income. I reckon that celebrity bloggers are earning somewhere close to that amount. But compared to international bloggers, the $5000 per month figure is of course quite low.

The only fear I have is that many more people will jump recklessly into the blogging bandwagon. Of course it is possible to make a full time career out of blogging but it is probably not as simple as it sounds. And the picture painted might make it seem so rosy: Work from home, flexi work hours, good money. It is not that simple. And I am sure the full time bloggers will attest to that.

For every blogger that is earning $5000 per month, I am pretty certain there are 1000 others who are earning less than $5 per month. Remember, $5000 per month is not the average, it is what Nuffnang considers to be the higher earners. So these are really the outliers and not your average bloggers.

Anyone here knows of a full time blogger? How much does he/she earn?


  1. i earn $20k per month.

  2. I am glad you are happy.

    All the best to your journey!

  3. Blogging can be used as another stream of passive income. ^^

  4. Yes. Blogging is a good passive stream of income.


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