Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heavy Rain and Flash Floods in Singapore

The sky gave way early this morning and it started to pour like crazy over at my place. Good thing we sort of predicted that there would be heavy rain and decided to bring along an umbrella while we were eating at the nearby market.

While driving, I could hardly see the road ahead of me even with my wiper turned to full speed. And I was almost pretty certain that there would be flash floods around Singapore after it was still raining like closet to 2 hours later. Sure enough, on my way back, parts of the expressway was flooded. Just read the news too that Tanglin Mall's basement also got flooded.

Perhaps the weather is really getting more freaky in recent years. But surely there has been a case of one too many flash floods in the past few years. It wasn't too long ago that I wrote about flooding in Singapore. While we definitely cannot become flood free throughout the whole of Singapore, I think it is important that certain parts of Singapore should be flood free. And Orchard Road definitely deserves to be flood free.

I am a noob/amateur regarding real estate but I would like to think that if flooding becomes common occurrence in Orchard Road, the developers would have to charge a lower rent. Insurers will also probably charge a higher premium to insure the shops located at the lower levels in case of these freak floods that occur. All these translates to "losses" to Singapore in one way or another.

For the rest of Singapore, I am sure we can accept flash floods now and then. But still, this should not be occurring near residential areas and stuff.


  1. Hi,
    I live near "Bedok Reservoir" for almost 30 years.
    The reservoir never ever fills to the bream. But since "NE Water" is available, the reservoir is almost always filled to the bream. So when it rains heavily, where do you think the rain water will flow? Now, I like to presume all other reservoirs in Singapore are always filled to the bream too.
    So this must be one of the main reasons why when it rains heavily, almost the "whole of Singapore" is flooded. Ha! Ha! very funny isn't it? Now because of "NE Water" we suddenly have too much water. And we don't know what to do with it.

  2. We should have a way to store all this rainwater.


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