Saturday, September 20, 2008

Investments in this Bear Market

I increased my position in Hongguo today. Bought a total of 20 lots at $0.22. Will be transferring money from my Maybank savings account to pay for this so my passive income from Maybank might be lowered to below $10 per month.

Also received $141.10 as dividends from Kingboard shares.

NOL which i bought a few days back at $1.91 is now at $2.30. I might cash it in if it reaches $3.00 instead of waiting for the yearly dividends.

Will be looking for more opportunities to invest in other areas with all my spare cash and also dividends that I receive.

I intend to build up my stock portfolio in this bear market and ignore all noises that will make me trade irrationally.

My updated portfolio for passive income is as such:

1. 12,000 x Ascott REITs (DPU = 4.52 per half) = $90.40 per month
2. 16,000 x First REITs (DPU = 1.91 per qtr) = $101.87 per month
3. 1000 x Suntec REITs (DPU = 2.79 qtr) = $9.30 per month
4. 1000 x NOL (estimate 8 cents per year*) = $6.66 per month
5. Maybank iSavvy Deposit = $10 per month

Total avg monthly passive income = $218.23

My updated portfolio for capital gains is as such:

1. 30,000 x Kingboard
2. 24,000 x Hongguo
3. 37,000 x Pac Andes
4. 15,000 x Innotek
5. 7,000 x China Aviation Oil
6. 11,000 x Unifood

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