Friday, September 12, 2008

Passive Income Update

Bought NOL and Ascott REIT today @ 1.91 and 0.775.

NOL was bought as a means to diversify my REIT heavy portfolio.

My updated portfolio for passive income is as such:

1. 12,000 x Ascott REITs (DPU = 4.52 per half) = $90.40 per month
2. 16,000 x First REITs (DPU = 1.91 per qtr) = $101.87 per month
3. 1000 x Suntec REITs (DPU = 2.79 qtr) = $9.30 per month
4. 1000 x NOL (estimate 8 cents per year*) = $6.66 per month
5. Maybank iSavvy Deposit = $13 per month

Total monthly passive income = $221.23

*Note: NOL has a dividend policy of 8 cents per share net or 20% of net profit whichever is higher. I have taken the more conservative approach of just using 8 cents per year per share.


  1. Hi,

    I have noticed that you rely heavily on REIT to generate passive income. You may want to look into STI ETF which pay dividend twice annually.

    You may want to learn hedging using put warrant to protect the value of your holding in the singapore market.

    I trade options in the US markets and is currently generating my income using options and ETFs. Most of their ETFs pays monthly. For ETFs which I holds, I use put options to protect their value and if they drop in price, I use the profit from the put options to buy more ETF shares. This is how I hedge and at the same time do cost averaging.

    If you need any direction in venturing into the US markets, feel free to email me @

  2. Passive income? I thought it should be considered as portfolio income?


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