Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#6 Read and Learn More

This is the #6 posting to the Road to Financial Freedom, a simple 10 step mini-series to get one started on the road to financial freedom. This posting stresses the importance of reading and learning more to improve one's financial knowledge.


It is my personal belief that the road to financial freedom is also a journey of learning. One basically needs to improve his financial literacy or financial IQ as they put it. You need to read a lot and learn from others to be more financially saavy.

Some of these books might just be motivational, others might be practical in nature but I believe that each book that you read or each blog that you visit has some important lesson that could be useful to you in your road to financial freedom.

They don't necessarily expouse the same theories. Some of them actually conflict each other in terms of content but I guess it is always good to read from all sources and distill the essence of each book so that one becomes wiser.

Below are a list of books that I have found helpful in increasing my financial IQ.

1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
2. The Richest Man in Babylon
3. Random Walk Down Wall Street
4. The Millionaire Next Door
5. Smart Financial Planning for Your Retirement
6. Common Stocks, Uncommon Profit
7. The Black Swan
8. The Four Pillars of Investing

So happy googling and reading. Keep up the thirst to improve your financial knowledge and try to sift out the good books from the bad books. But as an overall guide, just keep an open mind when it comes to something like financial planning/investment as even the experts usually do not agree with one another totally.

The Road to Financial Freedom
#1 - The Greatest Mistake
#2 - Protect What You Cannot Afford to Lose
#3 - Spend Less Than You Earn
#4 - Spend Less Or Earn More
#5 - Buy Assets Not Liabilities
#6 - Read and Learn More
#7 - The Magic of Part Time
#8 - Health Equals Wealth
#9 - It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint


  1. You forgot "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation on the book. That is indeed a classic.


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