Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#7 The Magic of Part Time

This is the #7 posting to the Road to Financial Freedom, a simple 10 step mini-series to get one started on the road to financial freedom. In this posting, we will discover what Jim Rohn would call " The Magic of Part Time".

Imagine this: Earning $1000 in extra income by doing some part time work. That could potentially change your life as well as your family's lifestyle. This is the magic of part time.

Working part time be it in investing your own money, giving tuition, coaching, or just writing a book has its benefits. It gives you extra income (an additional source of income) to grow your wealth. While others are banking on 1 source of income. You have effectively created 2 streams of income. One from a full time job, the other from a part time job.

Over time, it might even be possible that you will see the income from your part time job surpassing that of your full time job. Then the decision will come to whether you should just focus on your part time job and quit your full time job!

Some part time jobs that you could do are as follows:

1. Give Tuition
2. Baby Sit
3. Photography services
4. Blogging
5. Investing
6. Being a coach/personal trainer

Those listed above are just some examples. I am certain that you will most probably know whats the best job that will fit into your schedule on a part time basis. This is part of the road to financial freedom. Discovering the magic of part time. Many rich people did not focus on just their full time jobs. They branched out into "part time" jobs like writing books, selling motivational tapes, giving talks, building websites, etc.

Discover the magic of working part time now!

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  1. This is very true. My day job gives me the stable income. Once or twice a week I do some additional training work in the evening for 1k a month. I plough this money into blue chips to earn a stable source of passive dividend income. I also use this cash to pay for my school fee which will later on provide me the necessary credentials to do more training. :)

    Works... but life is tough as a result.

  2. Hi FF,

    Yes I do give tuition part time to supplement income, and get about S$500 extra a month. It's very useful for diapers and baby milk !


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  4. It is indeed amazing working part time on this blog. Just managed to sell some text link ads on this site and another site for US 200.


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