Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sheng Shiong is Not the Cheapest

Sheng Shiong Supermarket has always been associated with being cheap, or should I say it correctly: "Providing goods to customers at a cheap price."

I did not start out as a fan of Sheng Shiong as the first store that I visited happened to be located at Jurong Superbowl. During my visit then, I found it to be disorganised, messy and more like a wet market. The impression that was left on me was that there was a reason why Sheng Shiong managed to sell its food so cheap.

Then over the years, I realised a slow transformation that took place. Sheng Shiong seemed to be able to upmarket itself and provided a very clean shopping environment for customers while still providing very good value for money. They also started a fresh seafood section with live lobsters, crabs, prawns and even abalones!

Over the years, I begin to associate Sheng Shiong with being the cheapest supermarket around.

Today, I was proven wrong. I visited NTUC Extra and realised that some items in NTUC were selling much cheaper than Sheng Shiong. The blueberries were selling cheaper than the blueberries in Sheng Shiong. Much cheaper!

So it goes to prove me wrong that all cheap stuff can be found at Sheng Shiong. As a consumer, you still need to know where to shop to get the cheapest goods.

But overall in terms of price for the majority of grocery goods, I will still rank the supermarkets as follows:

1. Sheng Shiong
2. Giant
4. Cold Storage

The only other option is to cross the causeway into JB to do your shopping there.

Where do you do your grocery shopping? Do you shop at only one particular supermarket or do you go to various supermarkets to get your groceries?


  1. Shop at JB? If kena robbed in JB you can buy one year of goodies here

  2. For me, convenience is very important.

    I cross the road from my place to NTUC Fairprice mostly. I don't buy a lot of stuff. Maybe, S$20 per trip. So, I don't think it will make much of a difference where I shop or am I mistaken?

  3. Do ppl still get robbed in JB nowadays?

    If you buy strawberries and blueberries, I think it makes a difference. The difference can be as much as a dollar to two dollar sometimes.

  4. I'm of the thinking that traveling to save money might not be worth the time spent travelling.

  5. Cold Storage is the cheapest for some quality things. Especially it's NO FRILLS LINE. NTUC sells things cheaper than Cold Storage only on local items not imports. Its Western imports are very much more expensive than Sheng Siong. NTUC prices vary according to which HDB you are in. Bishan NTUC is expensive. Many NTUC are expensive. Sheng Shiong is slightly 10 cents cheaper than NTUC but many products are more expensive than Cold Storage. Like Milk, Oats, Yogurt. Only Yong Tau Fu and local pasar stuff cheaper at NTUC. Sheng Shiong price different for different stores. Cheapest is on weekends at the Verge cos Indian workers are poorest.

  6. NTUC Golden Umbrella Rice $28.90
    SS @ HDB $26.80
    SS @ The Verge $24.80

    NZ milk (1L) at ColdStorage 2 for $3.15 that is $1.57 each
    NTUC cheapest lousy in-house milk full of antibiotic $1.80
    SS $1.70

    COLD STORAGE Hong Kong imported Royal sausage $2.50
    NTUC lousy sausage made in dunno where $4.50
    SS $4.20

  7. JB is not cheap for everything. Imported items are cheaper in Singapore cos it arrives here first e.g. German UK AU NZ American stuff.

    JB only cheap for local Malaysia produce like COFFEE, OATS. Everything else is same or MORE EXPENSIVE!! NOT WORTH.


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