Monday, March 22, 2010

The Untouchables

In Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" book, he talks about the untouchables, the creation or finding of the new middle class, whose jobs would not be taken away by the every hungry Chinese and Indians.

The author simply puts it as this:

Globalisation 1.0 : Countries had to think globally to thrive or at least survive.
Globalisation 2.0: Companies had to think globally to thrive or at least survive.
Globalisation 3.0: Individuals have to think globally to thrive or at least survive.

The old saying that our parents used to have was this:
" Boy, finish your dinner. People in China and India are starving."

In Globalisation 3.0, we as parents should be saying this to our children:
"Boys and girls, finish your homework. People in China and India are starving for your jobs."

The problem is that doing your homework alone is not going to help you thrive in the new flat world. One must be doing the right kind of homework. The key to figuring out how to thrive in this flat world would be for an individual to make themselves "untouchable". These are the people whose jobs cannot be OUTSOURCED, DIGITISED or AUTOMATED.

Welcome to the flat world!

Can you current job be outsourced, digitised or automated? Are you an untouchable?


  1. Agreed. In investing doing your homework alone doesn't ensure you make money

  2. You children's jobs are in danger of being outsourced, digitised and being automated.

    In the new century, workers need to REINVENT themselves to make sure they do the RIGHT homework so that they become UNTOUCHABLE. They will never lose their jobs in that sense.

    Take for example your blog uncle. You are in a certain sense a part time blogger already! For your age, that is commendable. It is like a part time job for you and nobody can take away that job from you. You have successfully reinvented yourself in a certain manner.

  3. But I got no money from blogging. It is just passing time.

  4. Huh? I thought you are making some kopi money too from your blog. =)


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