Monday, March 8, 2010

Wearing Clothes That Are Too Expensive

I referred to Lee Wei Ling's editorial on the Sarong Dress Party Girl in the Sunday Times.

In it, she gave a detailed account of how she opted for comfort and cost when it comes to clothings. I can identify with her.

Over the past few years, I can count the number of new clothes that I have bought for myself with two hands. The clothes that I buy are often very comfortable and cheap too. In fact, they are so comfortable that I love to wear them whereever I go. Nevermind the stares that I get from strangers.

I once boasted to my wife that I must have been the one who brought the fashion of wearing bermudas and flip-flops to Orchard Road. That was my dress code literally everywhere I went.

On the other extreme, I know of people who have spent a fortune buying branded clothes and bags and stuff that could easily wipe out half their monthly salary. But how often can one wear those clothes? Some of them don't even look very comfortable.

For me, I consider myself frugal. I will only buy clothes that are above $50 if I consider their quality to be good. Otherwise, I will refrain from spending such frivolous money.

Let's take the example of shoes:

I only have one pair of dress shoes and one pair of casual shoes. The rest are all slippers. I do not even have sports shoes as I use the ones that are bought free-of-charge at the e-marts from the Singapore Armed Forces. Some people I know have so many pairs of shoes and they keep changing them every year. My shoes are worn for at least two to three years or until they break. I do not see the need to buy new shoes every year just to keep up with the fashion. As long as they are still in good condition, I will wear them.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Do you consider yourself a fashion junkie? Or are you even more frugal than me?


  1. Women love beautiful cloth so make sure you understand this point.

  2. I think for guys it's ok to wear the same things over and over again..let's say there's this young lady who keeps wearing the same clothes and shoes repeatedly. i am sure you wouldn't be attracted to her...hahahaa

  3. Well said!

    I believe that the dressing criteria for men and women (so to speak) are slightly different. Society demands that women be more well-dressed than men.

    Perhaps that is why women often spend so much more time shopping.


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