Thursday, September 10, 2009

#10 - Congrats! You have Achieved it.

This is the #10 posting to the Road to Financial Freedom, a simple 10 step mini-series to get one started on the road to financial freedom.

This posting is actually the final posting on this topic.

Congrats! You have achieved it!

I know you have most probably heard it before but what begins in the mind most likely results into something that you see later on in your life.

I am not trying to be a motivational speaker or writer but I really see the point where they say that if you have a self defeating way of thinking, you most probably will not be able to accomplish anything great in life. Likewise, to achieve financial freedom, one needs to start on the correct footing and this correct footing begins with one's MIND.

As the common saying goes:
Your thoughts determine your actions.
Your actions determines your habits.
Your habits determines your character.
Your character determines your DESTINY.
To achieve financial freedom, one needs to have the correct mindset. You need to believe that your goal is achievable before you can achieve it.

Usain Bolt believes that he can run faster and that is why he is breaking world records. Likewise, you need to believe that you can achieve financial freedom when you are searching for it. As simple as that. Just do it. Nothing is impossible!

This brings an end to a simple 10 part mini series on what I think are the essential points to get you started on your own journey out of slavery from your job and money. I hoped that you have learnt something useful is this 10 part mini series.

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  1. Hi Financial Freedom,

    Is all of your passive income coming from Adsense?

  2. Nope. Majority of it comes from stock dividends


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