Friday, January 15, 2010

$2.20 For A Cup of Ribena

I was at a foodcourt just now and ordered a cup of ribena. It is shocking to find out that it actually cost $2.20 just for a small cup of ribena.

Imagine the profit margins that the drink stall is earning!

$2.20 could have bought me a thosai and a cup of coffee for my morning breakfast and I would still have change to spare.

The cost of living in Singapore is definitely going up.

I am pretty certain that many years ago, $2 could have bought one a plate of chicken rice. Now, it won't even get you a cup of Ribena.

I shall keep this entry in here as I would like to look back at this posting maybe in 20 years time and see how "cheap" ribena was then. I could then lament to my children and tell them that things used to cost so cheap then.

One can only imagine what the price of a cup of Ribena will cost in twenty years time.

Anyone dares to make a prediction and we will see who gets the closest price in twenty years time?


  1. Hi FF,

    Due to the nature of my job, I usually do not drink sugared water. I bring my own bottle of plain water with me. Even if I'm at student's house, I usually ask for a good 'ol glass of chilled water. Besides really quenching your thirst, you can save a lot of money. Typically to the extent of 50% of your lunch budget.

    I mean don't deprive yourself of a good ribena if you had a hard day. It must suit your lifestyle, haha

  2. Yep,

    Drinking plain water is so much healthier than drinking sugared water.

    Hopefully I can stop drinking sugared water too.


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