Saturday, January 2, 2010

A day at East Coast Park

I went to East Coast Park today to do some cycling and walking.

I must say that I am quite amazed at the recent developments and how the beach seems to have alot more sand than before.

There are a lot more eateries and there was also the newly opened skateboard park near the Jetty.

The crowd that was at East Coast Park was also amazing. Lots of people running, cycling, blading or just walking their dogs. Many people were also playing beach games at the beach.

I am pretty sure that they imported sand from somewhere and threw it all around East Coast as it looks a lot like Sentosa already.

Anyway, the wife and I rented a bike each at a total cost of $13 for 2 hours. We cycled to the nearby food centre and ate some delicious chicken wings which cost $3.60 and had some drinks which cost $3.50. After cycling for a little while more, we got tired and decided to return the bikes.

It is amazing but we paid $13 for the bike rental and I do think that the bikes can be used again and again for almost eternity (okay, maybe for 5 years). It seems that the bike rental stores there are really having a good business (not to mention location).

It is empty during the weekdays but during the weekends, the number of bikes that they rent out can easily hit a hundred every hour. Simply amazing!

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  1. Hi FF,

    I am a regular at ECP and have been cycling there since I was a teenager. I have changed bicycles quite a few times as I wear them out over the years.

    My current bicycle is a mountain bike purchased in 2003 and it has lasted me about 6 years+, but admittedly there were some replacement parts and I had to change the wheel as well cos it got stolen (yes, people steal just the front wheel of a bicycle to re-sell). So it's sort of different now while still being the same bike. It's got a lot of sentimental value to me because it takes me literally everywhere!

    I normally bike from my house in the East to ECP, then head all the way up till Changi Village and back, or Bedok Jetty and back. I also use it got grocery shopping, to dabao lunch/dinner and for running simple errands. It's a really handy machine, until it rains of course....that's the drawback of a bicycle.

    But please note I am no professional who is armed to the teeth in gear and I don't even wear a helmet. But such is my passion for cycling that I would choose it over a car anytime - it just makes me feel young, happy and carefree!

    Oh yes, regarding the bike shops, business is dismal when it rains, so don't think it's an easy business. I've seen shops close down along ECP due to competition as well - bikes used to be rented out at $7 per hour, now it's like $4.50 for 2 hours! So their margins are not that good anymore. And, there's a lot of maintenance for bicycles cos the users may abuse them and road conditions may cause wear and tear, so money is spent on this as well. There's also the rental of the premises, overheads, staff salaries etc. Nope, not a very easy business.


  2. you can tell..i don't ride bikes that often.

    I thought that they took 5 years to wear out =)

    It was just a thought that 2 hr rental costs $7. So by renting it out for 12 hrs, the bike company already earns $42. I think within 2 days, they can break even the cost of the bike.

    That is of course not to mention the manpower and rental costs. Oh yes, the maintenance costs as well

    It is good that you stay so close to ECP. I live right over at the west.


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