Sunday, January 17, 2010

Money and Marriage

I was reading the Straits Times today on Money and Marriage and how the writer felt that it takes two to tango.

He suggests couples could ask each other these questions:

1. Do you know what insurance policies or investments you have?
2. Do you have the ability to manage money well?
3. Do you have absolute trust in the other person?

Taking the cue from the author, I picked up a conversation with the wife regarding the remaining car loan that we had of $23K ++

I started off: "So we still have a car loan of $23K++"

Wife: "Yup, want me to pay off? I got money in my bank."

Me: "Chey..I also have."

Wife: "Then you pay la"

Me: "I am making my money work hard. So as long as I can earn more than the car loan interest rate, it does not make sense to pay it off. Your one is sitting in the bank and if it is not working harder than the car loan interest, then maybe should use it to pay off."

Wife: "Yah lor. That's why I say use my money to pay off"

Me: " But we can invest it to get better returns."

Wife: "Then you help me invest."

Me: " Of course I can, but it is better you participate. Two heads are better than one. Always good to have a second opinion to make my investment strategy better."

Wife: "My investment knowledge is zero... that's why I leave it in the bank. My brain is used for other things."

Me: ""

Wife: "I don't know la. My only financial goal is to make sure my bank account stays above $78K"

Me: "..............................."


  1. I would say you got a very good wife there! :)
    Total trust in your money management ability.
    You should take up her offer of investing for her and actually, 1 head is better than two in investment.

  2. Hi FF,
    why not let me invest the 78k for you? i'll buy you ribena everyday =p

  3. Pay your wife monthly interests for her money. It is capital guranteed and I pay my SIL and MIL monthly interests so that they don't come to check on their investment and transparent to them. If I do well, I will give them bonus at year end.

  4. Createwealth8888,

    Createwealth's Capital-guaranteed Plan => Lose? Creatwealth will top up.. Win? You get all the winnings.

    WOW! :) You are so nice to your inlaws! Your wife must loved you a lot too! :p

    Where can i get one of these CW88 plan? :p


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