Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paid My Property Tax and TV License

Today, I paid my property tax and TV License Fee of $300.00

This is another expense which I did not cater for as I forgot about the need for such expenditure.

Living in your own house can be costly at times but it sure beats renting a place.

For those who have not paid your property tax and TV licence, please remember that payment date is 31 Jan 010. Otherwise, a late fee of 5% of property tax and $25 (for TV licence) will apply.

You can make payment through the iras website


  1. You didn't use GIRO to pay property tax and TV License Fee?

  2. I will drop in my cheque on Jan 30, 2010. They should not get my money sooner than they deserve!

  3. Nope, Never use Giro.

    Wow, MW really walking on the thread...


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