Tuesday, January 26, 2010

POSB Coin Deposit Machine

I managed to use the POSB coin deposit machine at Tiong Bahru Plaza yesterday.

It was the first time that I was using the machine and I must say that it was pretty easy to use.

The screen is a touch screen and you basically just need the account number (don't need the ATM card of passbook!)

All you do is key in the account number, pour the coins into the tray and lift it up. The machine starts counting the coins and rejects those that are not Singapore coins.

Since the account I was depositing into was a POSBKids account, the charges would be waived if I dropped the receipt into the quick cheque deposit box at the branch itself.

This was pretty quick and hassle free. A service that I would certainly use again!


  1. Hi FF,
    can i use the machine to deposit into a normal DBS savings account?

  2. Give you another idea. Exchange your coin with the Nasi Lemak stall owner for a 1 or 2 packet of nasi lemak. But, you must do it around 10 am or 3 pm where the nasi lemak is damn free at this time

  3. Applicable for only the following accounts:
    1. DBS Autosave
    2. DBS Current
    3. DBS Savings Plus
    4. POSB Current
    5. POSB Savings

    Fee is only waived for children's account


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